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Wetland Conservation Program


Environment conservation

Facilitating legal recognition of Gogabil as a Community Reserve and Conservation Reserve, advocating development and recognition of Gogabil as a potential bird Sanctuary and Ramsar site, promoting massive plantation mission.

Bird Protection

Awareness programs, maintenance of guard round the year to prevent poaching and trapping migratory birds, carrying out ASIAN Waterbird census, reporting to the forest department and relevant ministry from time to time, promoting local bird watchers and Tourists, distributing calendars on birds of Gogabil annually to a wide range of public

Pollution Control

Awareness on hazards of bio-medical wastes, awareness on environmental pollution due to plastics.

Maintaining Boat For Bird Viewers, Tourists, And Local And District Administration

Janlakshya is committed to providing all possible help for visitors.

Gogabil Information Centre

To facilitate bird viewers, tourists, and visitors, Janlakshya provides an information centre at a very convenient location from Gogabil lake.

The contact person is Sri Hare Ram Pandey- +91 82946 59250

Maintaining the Website and Facebook Page For Gogabil Community Reserve


Facilitating Scientific Research On Environment And Birds

Facilitating scientific research on the environment and birds, especially the RINGING project to study the migratory behavior of birds in association with other organizations