• 1. Running Saraswati Kendra: Janlakshyaliteracy Programme work through units of 20 to 40 educationally deprived children where, a teacher delivers education and practically useful knowledge for 2 or more hours 6 days a week. The teacher also takes care of their welfare.

  • 2. Extending Health Services to the society:-
    I. Multidesciplinary health camps in rural & urban areas
    II. School health check-up camps
    III. Immunization

  • 3. Rehabilitation camps for disabled.

  • 4. AIDS and leprosy detection, treatment, awareness.

  • 5. Deaddiction.

  • 6. Cataract surgery camps, general surgery camps, camps for mentally ill .

  • 7. Cancer screening .

  • 8. Orphan health care.

  • 9. Relief camps in natural calamities/epidemic .

  • 10. Mass awareness for healthy living, hygiene, dental care, sanitation, nutrition and disease prevention.

  • 11. CME Programmes.

  • 12. Health centers & hospitals.

  • 13. Population Control: Conducting tube ligation in females and vasectomy by "NSV" technique in males at highly subsidized rates the year round. Motivation is done by Janlakshyahealth workers who are given incentive for same. During winters every year tubectomy and vasectomy camps are organized in the rural areas by surgeons of Janlakshya.

  • 14. Employment opportunities are generated by promoting establishment of nursery, fishery, dairy, horticulture, farms, sericulture, apiculture, jute and other hands and crafts centre. Cash payments are done on monthly basis to aged restitutes with no employed dependents.

  • 15. Pollution control awareness Programmes at multiples levels are organized towards hazards of air, water and sound pollution, plastic, biomedical waste, occupational and industrial wastes.

  • 16. Environment Conservation : To preserve the balance of environment the organization initiates, activates and promotes means, measures and regulations for environmental conservation at all levels individual, community, administration and government.